September 25, 2017

10 ideas and how to organize your living room Minimalist Makin Pretty

The living room is the most vital part of the House from the other room, this is because the living room is the first place to receive guests. The living room at the same time give the impression the first assessment of the visitors home. If the the living room tidy and convenient of course visitors home definitely gave positive feedback about our homes.
interior living room

So so neat and cosy living room is already reasonably to organize your living roomvery tidy as possible. The size of the living room in a House would of course have a different size difference is not all houses have spacious size. Perhaps for those of you that have a size of a spacious living room, not too hard to organize your living room to make it look neat and comfortable, because of the size of the spacious living room you can organize your living room to your liking. But if you have a small living room, minimalist surely must be clever-clever styling in the living room to make it look neat and comfortable. For how to organize your small living room can be seen below.

Here's how to organize the interior of the living room to make it look neat and comfortable, that will make your living space the more beautiful and comfortable to be occupied.

1. Select the color of the Paint a living room

Choose light colors on the selection of paint the living room is the right choice, this is because usually the living room with dark paint colors tend to make the room feelcramped so in contrast with the color of the bright living room paint can make a space guests of the more spacious.
To make it easier can be seen here: living room Paint Color ideas 2017

2. Living room Without Baffle

In order to make guests more widely visible roared it's not off the living room with the baffle. Suppose a living room combined with the family room in order to appear spacious. Anyway if you want to keep using the baffle the baffle using not so permanent.
For which you want to add a fixed baffle can be viewed here: room 2017 guests space Delimiter

3. Furniture Point to the wall

Utilize the space as possible e.g. living room with furniture such as a sofa or moor guest chairs against the wall. With such an empty space in the living room will be more broadly.

4. Select the size of a small Furniture

Choose furniture with little space to minimize the size of the living room, it made the living room a unique and extensive corroboration. So aim in choosing to buy furniture that will be placed in the living room with a small size.

5. Election of the Chair Sofa Large

If you want to use a living room sofa chairs in your living room, try choosing a sofa large living room, large sofas because nicer also gave the impression of your living room appear spacious. New for additional seats could use a small chair.

interior living room

6. Use Ornate Mirror

Using the mirror, the other to beautify your minimalist living room, mirrors are also able to make your living room have been impressed. Try to place it opposite your sofa Chair.

7. Select the design of Windows and doors

The doors and Windows also gave the impression that vast influence in the living room. If this is going to build a living room try wearing door model 2 door and window sizes.

interior living room

8. Wall Wallpaper

If you want to change the face of your living room using a wallpaper with wallpaperbe sure the wallpapers are in tune with the concept of the design of your home. The motif of the lines of the one that is suited to the living room, minimalist but recommended if using a wallpaper, select to suit the theme of your home.

interior living room

9. adding Carpeting In the living room

Adding carpeting in the living room make your living space the more beautiful your carpet motif Moreover lines can give your living room a spacious impression.

10. Decorate a living room with wall hangings

There can add wall hangings on your living room so that the more beautiful and alive. For example by adding wall hangings Pearl words writing or writing or writings of Islamic rules/code of conduct your home.


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