September 26, 2017

7 mistakes in designing the interior of a narrow bedroom

The narrow bedroom Interior sometimes can be a source of problems in your days. Yes, most people feel more comfortable if staying in spacious rooms, so we won't feel tightness or we can freely put. all items or furniture that we need in the room.
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The problem is, not everyone is as fortunate as it staying at home is great, plus get a spacious bedrooms.

So what if we have only a small plus rooms stuffy?

Not your stuffy room can be made into more comfortable?

Yes not able to! People are just much for size!

If this is your answer, you are wrong. Because of the comfortable bedrooms that do not have to always have a large space. It's spacious rooms will allow you to put all the stuff you need without hassle or confusion, but it does not mean your small rooms couldn't be more convenient.

If the restore or renovate the room room you become bigger, tedengar is not possible. Other solutions that you can try is rearranging your room. Most people, no matter how big his bedroom sometimes still wrong in organizing his bedroom. So instead of the room becomes more convenient, because the wrong Setup, rooms are comfortable that should be narrow, suffocating and boring.

But it turns out that, in addition to organizing the wrong stuff, it turns out there are a few other errors which make narrow bedroom became uncomfortable. the following list of mistakes in organizing the narrow bedroom!

The list of mistakes in the bedroom interior designing Narrow which makes the bedroom So Uncomfortable

1. The purchase of Furniture

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The first thing you should notice is the purchase of the furniture. Avoid buying a set of furniture for your bedroom. One set of bunk beds, cupboards, glass, nighstand, and sofa beds in the living room will establish uniformity. This is instead of maintaining consistency in the bedroom, quite boring. So rather than buying a furniture set, or at the same time it's good you take the time to look around and find pieces of furniture or furniture that you like. Because the bedroom is a space where we will be spending a lot of time, it's good we filled it with furniture that we like.

2. Too many Post Pillows

interior bedroom narrow

The second mistake was too many buy and post a pillow in the bedroom. This is the biggest mistake. Too much work to be done twice a day (move the pillow back and post), and it looks messy.

3. Lack of Lighting

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The third mistake is the lack of lighting. The bedroom is indeed a place to rest. However, you should also be able to read a book before bed, or after waking up in the morning at the end of the week. At the very least, provide two sources of light in the bedroom. Put it on both sides of the bed is also not a bad idea. Add lights for the sake of aesthetics. Don't forget, if you are married, you can invest on a reading light.The goal, if the couple already asleep, you still can read comfortably.

4. Indiscriminate Buying a mattress

Interior bedroom narrow

The fourth error is just buying a mattress. The mattress is indeed expensive. However, trying to calculate how many times you buy mattresses throughout the ages. Premium-quality mattress may dibanderol priced at millions of Dollars. However, if you just buy the mattress every 30 years, why did have to sacrifice comfort and your health by buying low-quality mattress? Remember that the mattress is an investment. Not only for your health, but also the look of the bedroom.

5. Put the striking Colors

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The fifth error is experimenting with striking colours. Ask yourself. Could it be that you rest comfortably if the wall using neon colors? Flashy colors might be able to look beautiful in limited quantities. However, when those colors master bedroom, the result is not necessarily as good as the concept.

6. Post an Awkward-sized works of art

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The sixth mistake was displaying the artwork size with awkward on the bed. Avoid placing the artwork size is much smaller than the bed. Such imbalances can ruin the look of your bedroom.

7. Too much light

interior design bedroom

The seventh mistake was too much light. Deficiency or excess will interfere with your activity in the bedroom. There is no harm in investing on dimmers so you can adjust the lights. In addition, make sure that also the indirect sunlight "prick" eyes every morning. Take advantage of simple technology, or even advanced technology to ensure the window enter the amount of enough light so that your eye is painless.

That is the 7 mistakes in designing the interior of a bedroom that is narrow, may be useful


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