September 29, 2017

Beautiful and easy trick save the mugs and glasses

One of the causes of the interiors of the kitchen or dining room You often messy is you never keep eating and drinking equipments properly i.e. rarely store or neatly arrange particular mug.

After being washed and dried, you just put it away. But keep a desultory mug will make it dirty, dull quickly on the inside, as well as making the surface uneven. Try to do these steps to beautify the place of storage of Your mug.

Use the rack display
interior kitchen utensils

Use the bookcase or shelves that are usually used to display crafts that are hanging on the wall as a place to store mugs. Select a colorful mug with unique motifs and store neatly on the shelf. In addition to the shelves for display, bookcase or shelf to the frame can also be used as a place to store mugs.

Use clothes hangers
the interiors of the kitchen
Rather than a hanger or hangers you let it idle, use temporary storage as a mug. Put it in the kitchen or dining room to beautify the appearance of the walls of your home.
Hang on wall
If do not want to use a shelf, using hangers or hooks kitchenware will maximise Your budget. You can also save more mug on the wall.

Boards and nails
Look for a wooden plank or a triplex that was not used, then stick it on catnya percantik kitchen walls. Add the spikes on the surface of the Board so that you can hang up a mug in the nail.

Use trolley

This effective way to store mugs that you use often. Put on top of the tray or basket and then save in the middle part of the trolley. While the top of the trolley you can use to put a teapot containing coffee or tea.
Such an explanation about how to save and organize your mugs as one frequently used kitchen furniture.


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