September 29, 2017

How to organize your kitchen interior and kitchen utensils

Interior small kitchen or can be arranged so that it looks and feels more airy if you know how to organize a kitchen is simple. The key is optimizing storage gadgets vertically, not horizontally. Cupboard-closet wall is one of solutions for placing objects that previously outgrown the space in the kitchen. The fewer items scattered on the floor of the kitchen then the airy kitchen area anyway.
interior kitchen room
The narrow kitchen interior Setup appropriate will also facilitate Your movements during activity in the kitchen and culminate on the efficiency of the cooking time.
Our recommendations
Change the placement of goods horizontally into storage vertically by making use of the kitchen walls. Move the gadgets from the shelf plate to the Cabinet-Cabinet walls and cabinets-cabinets under the kitchen table.

Here's how to organize a small kitchen interior
You might consider some changes to the layout in the kitchen as needed by placing a vertical storage places. A major overhaul is not always necessary. Add multiple units wall cabinet is enough to make You organize a small kitchen space. As much as possible cover all the wall above the kitchen table with the units wall cabinet, any way you don't need the space in the wall to move around in the kitchen, reserving enough 50-60 cm space to prepare meals between the surface of the kitchen table and base cabinets wall. Select a unit in the closet to reach up to the ceiling so that it does not leave a gap between the ceiling and the roof of the Cabinet.

Here's the Setup: simple kitchen tips

- Move the gadgets from the kitchen to the closet shelves-Cabinets. The goal is to empty the kitchen shelves and eventually get rid of it. Thus, the kitchen became more airy significantly without kitchen shelves. Furthermore, save a gadget in my closet to make the kitchen more presentable and concise.- While moving the gadgets from the shelf into the cupboard, sort Your kitchen utensil. Waste equipment redundant, obsolete, and no longer needed. For example, you do not need to three baskets of rice and stacked basin, three variations of the size of the Pan and a frying pan should be enough for everyday cooking. Adjust the amount of tableware with the size of your family. Wash the utensils dusty with liquid dish soap, such as Sunlight Lemon 100, before it was moved to the closet.- Make the area around the sink and place the new drop sweet kitchen utensils are washed in order to replace the function of the rack. This way all at once to make the kitchen more sterile than bacteria because water drip directly down the drain, while on the shelf plate water falling to the floor. Make sure your gadgets dry before being stored into the closet-closet.Make the cabinets under the sink to keep the trash, appliances, hygiene and cleaning products, including bottles of dish SOAP.

How to organize kitchen appliances

Key points:
Make the area around the sink and place the new kitchen equipment drop sweet washed
By removing the kitchen shelf, you earn bonus space when cooking
Take advantage of the cabinets under the sink to hide trash clean-up equipment and kitchen

kitchen utensils

Organize kitchen appliances, you need to consider the ease of access to it. Place each kitchen appliance in a location that is easy to reach when you have activity in the kitchen. The following tips to organize your kitchen so neatly with store kitchen ware in the exact location as needed:

-Small Gadgets  such as a spoon, forkgrate, knivesetc.  can be put in a drawer-chest of drawers under the kitchen table.
-Cupboard-closet under the kitchen table can be used to store dried herbs, food supplies, and other gadgets.
-If the cabinets-cabinets in the kitchen is not enough to accommodate all the utensils, move essential tableware  plates, bowls, bowls, glass  to the closet in the dining room. This location also makes it easy to set up a dining table.
-Cupboard under the kitchen table close to the stove according to store pots and pans so that it is easy to reach.
-Stacking utensils inside the wall cabinets and cupboards under kitchen table vertically anyway.

Such an explanation from us about how to organize the interior of a narrow kitchen to look relieved. hopefully helpful


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