September 25, 2017

Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Simple Style

The family room is a place where the whole household gathered and communicating. Can also be used to chat with guests or relatives. We can also pass the time's own favourite movie to watch or read a newspaper.

Interior living room with simple style will make the atmosphere and relax more comfortable. Spaces will be felt more broadly and relief, the atmosphere to gather also became more familiar. As space became a center of socializing the entire occupants of the HouseINTERIOR design living room ought to be made comfortable. Comfortable not only physically, but also psychologically.
interior living room

Simple living is increasingly favored by many people, because it is believed to be capable of creating a sense of comfortable physically and psychologically. Generally a simple family room has a minimalist furniture design. The colours also selected with soft colours. This is to create a psychological effect.

On the concept of minimalist house design, selection of simple furniture and precision with the shape of the room became a major factor in the family room. Usually this room is placed in contact with the dining room or even kitchen. You figure out how to make the concept of simple living style, here are a few examples of the family room which can be used as inspiration.

Interior Design Living Room
1. Clean and Simple
interior desain living room

Your wish to unwind in a comfortable family room after working a long day can be realized. You can use the concept of family-style room are simple and clean. The concept can be seen from the use of the furniture and pastel colors are supported.

Furniture design is taken from a bit of a retro style that impressed geometric and simple shape boxes. Order stylish simple family room measuring 3, 5 m x 4 m will also make it easier for homeowners when bored and want to change the style of the interior arrangement.

2. Relief by structuring in the Middle
Simple-style family room this one is located in the middle of the House. The main form of furniture with a sofa and a desk shaped like a box. Large sofas placed in a room that is elongated. Its placement should be organised taking into account the scale of space and movement of people. A small sofa and are on the left right room flanking an old Brown table which makes the room became more spacious and comfortable to use. With this material, this room also impressed lighter and warmer.

3. Pretty with decorative wall and ceiling

interior design living room
Glass thickness measuring 10 mm with a length of 20 cm x 5 cm decorate the walls of the TV table. The glass are arranged in a row. Behind them also placed lights, so it looks beautiful because of the bias effect light. It is to be the appeal of simple-style living room. Model home made curved ceiling so that the atmosphere of the room look more familiar. Materials ceiling made of gypsum are painted white. Sure, the ambiance of the space more enjoyable.

Thus the concept with an image of a simple family room as the idea of building the interior of the House is a beautiful and interesting. May be useful.


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