October 7, 2017

The design of Interior space to be efficient in the Kitchen Cooking

Spatial or usually is not overly of note when a home kitchen Interior designing

For this you'll surely read that ...

The colors and design styles that are carried in designing a kitchen is the most important thing.

However ...

If talking about the comfort in Your mobilization in the kitchen, the room became the very thing to watch out for.

Space kitchens that can determine the ease in cooking, eating, and socializing with family as well.

Yuk read reviews until the end.

Interior Kitchen Setup: put the Equipment in accordance with its functions

What do you know, the kitchen Setup problem?

Basically, the setup of the room or often called the layout affecting the placement of furniture and all the equipment in it.

In the context of the kitchen ...

You will be faced with how to organize your kitchen island Cabinet, place, dishwasher, stove, dining table to appropriately and accordingly.

Organize your kitchen will be very easy to do when the House is still limited to the design.
Layout Interior Kitchen

However.. ...

If doing rearrangement, you will be forced to think creatively utilize the extra land that already exists.

Then ... ...

How and what are the spatial variety of the common kitchen and can make users comfortable with moving?

This explanation is more complete.

Oh yes, at the end of this review, there are important tips on what to look for in a kitchen interior styling lho!


1. One-Wall Kitchen
layout interior kitchen

Spatial one-wall kitchen is very simple and efficient place.

The entire equipment and kitchen needs are placed in parallel to the wall.

Usually ...

Wash the plate is placed in the middle of a stove and refrigerator.
layout interior kitchen at home

This is done so that clean-up activities after cooking easier.

But has a kitchen layout design such as this turns out to give you a little challenge for you.

Because ...

The remaining counter table too narrow so that land for preparing food is very small.

If cooking in bulk, of course you need the extra space to put the whole food ingredients.

You can also set it up by adding a kitchen island or a minimalist designer dining table equipped wheels in order to be easily moved.

Two things that you can make an extra place to prepare food.

In addition ...

If you want a more spacious the counter table, then you must be clever-clever choosing the size of the furniture will be placed.


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