November 1, 2017

10 Interior design style is the most famous

The Interior design is a science in which studied the design of buildings and works of art serve as solutions to human problems. The purpose of interior design is to fix the fungi, enriching aesthetic value, and increase the psychological aspects of interior space.

Jobs in interior design is divided into 3 groups:

Interior Design Anyway. The plan includes building floor plan layout, floor plan, ceiling plain, animation, and more.
Interior Design In Motion. Includes interior design is micro. E.g. product design, design interior landscape and more.
A Decorative Design. Includes designs that are decorating. Suppose design birthday parties, weddings and more.
Interior design also has some kind of style interior design, among them:
style interior design

1. Bohemian (Boho Chic) Style
Bohemian style it self is a manifestation of freedom, modern look and colorful collection. Everything that reflects individuality is bohemian style interior design.
style interior design

2. Coastal Style
Coastal style also referred to with the nautical. Coastal is identical with the feel of the beach. Associated with the Sun, surf and sand into the idea of inspiration from this interior design style.
interior design style

3. Contemporary Style
Contemporary style is a style of interior design that combines the concepts of the present and the future. This design gives the feel of warm and cool at the same time.The element consists of a neutral color, clean and smooth.
interior design styles

4. An eclectic Style
The concept is a concept style eclectic no rules in it, you can be free expression and use the game of mix and match only.
interior design styles

5. Industrial Style
Industrial style it using a mixture of raw materials. With his trademark based using the wall unfinished and high ceilings.
style design interior

6. Minimalist Style
Minimalist concept using basic aesthetics and simplicity. Furnishings are simple and the decoration is simple but also produces maximum effects.
interior design style
7. Morocco Style
This style refers to the land of Morocco, or which is normally called with Morrocan Style. It buzzes with bright colors, very rich in history and texture.
interior design style

8. The Rustic Style
Rustic style is identical with everything that is natural and it is not surprising that a lot of the furniture made from handmade or recycled.
interior design styles

9. Scandinavia Style
Or often called Swedish Style, which represents warmth and brightness. The impression of casual looks of a mixture of furnishings are simple but charming look.
interior design styles

10. Vintage Style
The concept of this one represents the ancient models typically use furniture that is already decades old but still look solid and good. Vintage-style interior design is usually filled with a collection of antique and other classic equipment.


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