November 22, 2017

Kitchen Design tips and the right Kitchen Set

Design kitchen set

Interior designing kitchens and kitchen set takes measurements, not just the pretty colors and models. A good interior designer has the ideal size standards based on the science of ergonomics. The science of ergonomics is the study of the dimensions of the human body.

On the process of design, kitchen set size must be adjusted to the size of a human.For Standardization, the average human height used by the benchmark is 170 cm-180 cm. Thus, tall kitchen set should not be more 227, 5 cm. Purpose is to make adults no difficulty reaching the top spot as well as the bottom drawer of the kitchen set.
Design Kitchen Set

Kitchen set will be divided into three, namely storage cabinet at the top, counter top(part ' a flat ' kitchen table and open), stove and sink in the Center, as well as drawers-drawer at the bottom.

Cabinets over the bottom Part of the closet: the upper part of it cannot be lower than 82, 5 cm from the floor. That way, when the closet doors opened, adults can immediately see what is in it. If it is too low, the head of an adult can be banged while doing activities like slicing, blenderand others on the counter top.

Middle part: the surface of the counter top, stove and sink to the dishwasher should not be lower than the 62, 5 cm from the floor. If it is too low, the adults have to bend time activity sooner thus making it tired.

With a height of 62, 5 cm, adults can do a variety of things such as cooking, washing dishes, cutting into foodstuffs in an upright position and relax.

Lower part: as a rule of thumb, there should be at least 120 cm is the empty space between the Cabinet with people standing in front of him. The goal, when the drawer is open, there is still enough space for people to move around in the kitchen.

Following the sixth type reviews kitchen set that you can apply at home :
Type Single Line Kitchen Set
Type Kitchen Set

This form is the simplest form of the commonly applied in the houses are small and medium enterprises. Here the counter top, stove and sink are in one line (single line).

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Double Line Kitchen Set
Type kitchen set

Type kitchen set is often referred to also by the shape of the corridors. This model is helpful to ease the separation between the counter top with a stove and sink.

Type L Kitchen Set

This model is a form of kitchen set used most often because it is considered the most functional and optimal. Circulation paths in the kitchen L relatively more comfortable. This kitchen set model can be applied to the narrow kitchen space.

Type U

Kitchen set it can be applied to the nearby kitchen flanked by two rooms. If the designed maximum, more kitchen set model "U" to display the impression of luxury and elegance in the kitchen space.

Type G

This type is clearly in need of space. Basically, this is like the kitchen set kitchen set type ' U ' but coupled with a simple dining table for two.

Types Of Island

This form is a form a unique kitchen set. The reason this kitchen set is referred to as a type of island or Islands, because on this configuration, there is one part that is located in the center of the room.

In addition, this type of carry the impression of exclusive interior design kitchen. On this model the cooking equipment such as a stove, oven or cooker hood is separate from other devices, like forming the island, surrounded by Cabinet-Cabinet.


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