November 2, 2017

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Mediterranean interior design styles can be mixed with modern style to create a trend called Mod-Mediterranean. In contrast to the eclectic style, Mod-Mediterranean is a combination of two different styles. Modern Mediterranean and creates the look clean and fresh but still has some traditional elements.

Countries in Europe have the characteristic style of interior design and also an interesting architectural style. One of them is the Mediterranean interior design style that features a visual image of a room rich in color. With a fusion and typical brought from an earlier era, showing the idiosyncrasies of style design rustic countryside mingled and fused with mainland European Community nature culture.
Generally, the design style of the rest of the world can be recognized from the use of color, fabrictextures and materials that are strongly influenced by culture or local culture. In the world of interior design, the pervasive influences into a specific design style that gave birth to style the interior of each distinctive and unique.
Mediterranean interior design style has become a typical interior design style. European countries such as Italy, Spain or Greece, land of gods, known to have idiosyncrasies and peculiarities specific to each design style. The third country's interior design strongly influenced the development of Mediterranean interior design style in General. Mediterranean style is identified as style interior design and architectural style also houses in the South of Europe. Like the country of Andorra, GibraltarPortugal, San marinoSpain, Vatican City, Malta, Greece, and Italy.
Mediterranean design style reminds us of the importance of the uniqueness in every appearance of the interior of the House. This is the kind of style that will also have a direct correlation with the level of comfort and aesthetic taste especially emerging.
interior design style mediterania

What is the Mediterranean?
Taken literally, the Mediterranean means land or land. To quote Wikipedia, the Mediterranean sea or the Mediterranean Sea is a sea of TAT is located between North Europe, South Africa and Asia in the East, covering an area of 2.5 million km2. The name of the Mediterranean itself comes from the Latin mediterraneus, meaning "inland" or "in the middle of the land" (from the medium, "middle" and "terra," land ").
In the past, it is the busy lanes of traffic, allowing the trade and cultural exchanges between the people of Egypt, Ancient Greece, ancient Rome and the Middle East. The history of the Mediterranean are instrumental for the beginning and the development of Western civilization.
The Mediterranean Sea is an important route for traders and travelers of ancient times that allowed for trade and cultural exchanges between the people who appear in the region. The history of the Mediterranean region is very important to understand the origins and the development of many modern societies.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style
Mediterranean interior design such as offering so much aroma, taste, and color to the room. Designing a home with Mediterranean style, is like designing shelter for welcoming, relaxed lifestyle.

Mediterranean style reflected in the design featuring a relaxing atmosphere, rustic-style furniture or domination of the countryside, as well as the typical texture on the walls and floors. Mediterranean interior design style is rich in color that cheerful yet calming. Place the touch, accent and rustic natural atmosphere mainly-rural Europein to the House.
mediterania interior design style

Elements and the influence of Mediterranean interior design
Refers to the style of the interior design of houses in the country to the South of Europe, such as Greece, Italy, and also Spain, Mediterranean style strongly influenced the local elements. In turquoise waters of his Southern Europe, sunny days with sunshine and fragrant flowers of the European mainland, the vibrant is a visual image of Mediterranean interior design style.

The Influence Of The Style Of Greece
This style is traditionally display wall plastering and wood floors in white with blue cobalt accent and use of furniture patio

Interior design style creations makes Greece very easy to look on par with other Modern styles. The walls are white, turquoise blue accents and touches of cobalt, and accessories. While more modern look furniture. The white pieces add to the feel of casual type. Visualization of this sort is common in typical Mediterranean style of Greece design theme.


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